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Brooks Stairlifts

If you have been looking into stairlift options, you’ve likely come across the Brooks brand. Brooks is one of the most popular stairlift brands in the UK. They are known for their reliable, safe, and comfortable stairlifts.

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About Brooks Stairlifts

The history of brooks started in 1972 when its founder Frederik Brooks designed his first stairlift for his wife. Since then, Brooks has become one of the most popular stairlift brands in the UK, trusted by thousands of seniors.

Why Choose Brooks?

Brooks are a highly trusted brand with a great reputation, which comes from their innovative stairlifts. And as they are so popular, it’s always easy to find batteries if you do ever need to replace them.

As already mentioned, the Brooks stairlifts are also some of the best on the market – and are extremely high quality.

Benefits of Brooks Stairlifts

Brooks is known for the quality of its stairlifts. Here are some of the benefits that they have:

  • They are straightforward to use thanks to the joystick control
  • Low voltage operations, so there are no risks for shocks
  • Delivered fast, and the setup is quick too
  • 12-month warranty from the installation date on all products

Brooks Stairlift Installation London

If you are in the London area and would like to get a Brooks stairlift installed in your home, contact us. Our team of experts can also guide you through any questions you may have. For example, if you’re not quite sure what type of stairlift you need, we are happy to offer some advice.

We serve all the boroughs in London, but if you’re not sure whether we cover your particular area, contact us.

Brooks Stairlift: Get a No-Obligation Quote

When you contact us, you can request a no-obligation quote. This means, if you don’t like our offer, you can leave it.

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Brooks Stairlift Frequently Asked Questions

We also wanted to cover some frequently asked questions that you may have about Brooks stairlifts.

Are Brooks and Acorn The Same Brand?

Brooks and Acorn are the same, but they are just branded differently by the Manufacturer. Usually, these are just differences in colours, but in general, they are the same, or very similar at last.

How Much Does a Brooks Stairlift Usually Cost?

As there are different stairlifts by brooks, the price can vary. However, in most cases, it will be between £2000 and £4000. Another big factor is where it’s installed and on what type of staircase.

Are There Grants For Stairlifts? 

Yes, there are various grants for stairlifts. The main one is the Disabled Facility Grant by the UK government. However, if you are not eligible for the DFG grant, private charities provide seniors with grants for stairlifts.

We have explained these grants in more detail here.

What features does a Brooks stairlift come with? 

Here are the features of a Brooks stairlift:

  • Folding chair/lift
  • Wireless control
  • Safety sensors
  • Footrest
  • Swivel seat
  • Controls/Joystick.

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