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Can Stairlifts Be Moved to the Other Side of Stairs?

In our research, we found that stairlifts can be used on either side of the stairs since they are track-mounted to the stair tread. The side on which the stairlift is installed depends on factors such as preference, ease of access, architecture, and any obstructions that may be present.

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We discovered that if initially installed on one side of the stairs and later you decide to change the side, it is possible to make that switch. However, we must emphasise that such alterations should be carried out by a professional to ensure safety and correct installation.

It is noteworthy to mention that curved stairlifts can be installed on either side of the stairs, making inside turns or going around outside bends. Regardless of the side chosen, precise measurements are crucial for designing a safe and reliable curved rail stairlift. Various solutions and options are typically available for stairlift installations.

In summary, stairlifts can be moved to the other side of the stairs with the appropriate adjustments and professional assistance. Making an informed choice about the preferred side during the initial installation is ideal, considering any architectural constraints, access requirements, and user preferences.

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