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Handicare Stairlifts

When your loved ones can no longer get up the stairs safely on their own, it is time to take a look at the various stairlift options. Handicare Stairlifts is one of the options that you might find yourself coming across. This is a very old company that has origins that date back to the 1800s. They have been around for a bit and have the stairlift industry figured out. Handicare stairlifts are always looking for ways to improve and yet stay cost-efficient at the same time. The prices for these stairlifts will vary by the custom options that you choose. Yes, there are custom options that your stairlift can be retrofitted with.

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Some of these custom features are the single tube design, which is a tube that goes up the stairway. This option helps with those that have very narrow stairways as well as hard to find a place to put the rails on. This works on curved stairways that are somewhat tight. It is very similar to the turn and go option that they offer for the straight stairways. There is an active seat option, which is where the seat will swivel outward, allowing the passenger to easily dismount. The turn and go option which is perfect for those that have narrow stairs. This allows the person to ride up the stairs by facing outward and not having their knees hitting the other side banisters. This is a proprietary system that is unique to Handicare Stairlifts UK.

Advanced technology for Stairlifts

These guys have been doing this a long time and have advanced technology as well as options and features you might not find in some of the younger companies. They have been working at engineering these for many many years and have had the time to fine-tune their stairlifts but also keeping the costs down as well. All of them will come with battery back up, which is nice for those in regions that will be without power often. These batteries are rechargeable and on a continuous charge so they will go without failure. However, they do eventually run out and you will have to purchase new ones.

Many of their seats will fold up neatly to allow others to use the stairs with ease. There is a key switch that can be installed to ensure that only the person that is supposed to use the lift can use it without others taking advantage. They work with both residential applications as well as commercial and install their stairlifts inside as well as out.

They have several options within the type of stairs you have. This allows you to determine what would work best of you and your needs. Some come with powered footplate options, slimline designs, folding seats, and armrests, perch seating and so much more. These stairlifts are certainly more customizable than some of the other options out there in the UK.

Take time to sit down with your loved one. This is a great time to determine what features you need. Be sure to look at the Handicare 1100.

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