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How Much Do Straight Stairlifts Cost?

There are any number of reasons why you might find yourself unable to get up and down the stairs properly uk mobility stairlifts london can help, but whatever the underlying cause of your condition may be, the fact remains you need a stairlift, and soon.

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But how are you to afford one? And how much does one cost, anyway?

Let’s tackle both of those issues and determine the best way to make a straight stairlift affordable.

Affording New Straight Stairlifts
A new straight stairlift can set you back between £2,000 to £6,000 depending on different factors.

For example, different models are held in different levels of esteem. What’s more, curved stairlifts and other, more complex models tend to be priced at the upper end of that spectrum compared to straight, more basic models.

Reconditioned Stairlifts

If that is a bit steep, you may want to consider turning to a reconditioned stairlift instead.

How less expensive can these be?
There is no set answer for that, because there is no set model for reconditioned stairlifts. They are used, and thus, like used cars, each one has a particular usage history that helps dictate its price.

Even so, on average, reconditioned stairlifts in the UK can cost anywhere from hundreds to thousands of pounds less than their newer counterparts.

Rental Stairlifts
While a reconditioned stairlift is certainly more affordable than a newer one, it may still be a bit out of your price range. What’s more, you may not need a stairlift on a permanent basis. If you or the individual for whom you are purchasing a stairlift has suffered only a temporary injury, you may only need the stairlift for a few weeks or months. If so, paying for both a permanent new or conditioned stairlift as well as for the installation services that come with them may be unnecessary.

If this is the case, you may want to consider rental staircases instead. The amount of money you can save by renting rather than purchasing a stairlift will depend on several things, including the amount of time you plan on using the stairlift as well as the type of stairlift you are renting. As mentioned, reconditioned and straight stairlifts tend to be less expensive than curved and newer ones.

That said, rental stairlifts can start at as little as a few dozen pounds per month for the duration of the contract, with installation totals in the hundreds rather than thousands of pounds.

The question of how much a stairlift costs will, thus, vary depending on these various factors – but what should never change is the assistance it provides to you or your loved one who needs extra quality care.

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