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How to choose a straight stairlift?

If you need purchasing a stairlift, you may find yourself overwhelmed with possible offers and information. As getting a new stairlift is a big money investment, you should be assured the medical device you are buying is the right fit for your home. The first and most important thing you should think about before researching different models and prices is the type of needed stairlift. Stairlifts come in a wide range of configurations, depending on your stairs, but the basic division is curved and straight stairlifts. If you own a straight stairway, straight stairlifts are the right choice for you. Any other stairway with fan turn or that has a curvaceous landing requires a curved stairlift.

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Choose a reputable brand

Having a high-quality branded stairlifts can make a difference between safety and a potentially hazardous situation. Choosing a model recommended by others can ease the process of buying the ones that will satisfy you with its quality, functionality, durability, and safety features. Among brands that immerged as leading companies specialized in manufacturing straight stairlifts, Acorn Stairlifts exceed the expectations from clients with their reliable design and unique features. Choosing a company that is an official partner of Acorn Stairlifts will give you a range of most technologically advanced medical devices you can choose for your home.

Choose durability over design

Straight stairlifts come in different lifting capacities, and the one you choose will also depend on the least stairwell requirements. A standard one can carry up to 140 kg while some special ones can carry more than 300 kg but require a minimum width of 90 cm. How long your unit will last depend a lot on the workload and user’s weight but also the quality of the materials so choose the ones that are praised for their longevity, strength, and permanence and not the way they appeal to the watcher. The assumed lifespan is around 10 years but it can last less if the units are made out of low-quality materials.

Consider additional features

If you are not the only person living in the house, straight stairlifts that have folding seat feature is advisable to avoid the problems with moving around it. Moreover, if the straight stairlifts are built with seat swivel features they will be safer for the users are they will not have to get on and off the seat facing the stairs. Control panel is also important as you want the one with clear and easy to operate functions and safety features that are user-friendly.

You may also want a unit equipped with additional safety sensors or error code display with information on possible issues for you to contact the service company. As they are the most used kind of stairlifts, straight stairlifts come in a variety of models, designs, and functions. Consider your surroundings, preferences, needs, and budget, and choose the one that will fit in your lifestyle, making it better and problem-free.

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