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Muswell Hill, North London

If you’re looking for a quiet residential area that’s close to the city without being overly crowded, Muswell Hill might be a good choice. It has plenty of green spaces and a high concentration of ancient woods. There are also lots of international restaurants and cafes. Its many attractions include Alexandra Park and the Alexandra Palace, a hilltop edifice with sweeping views of the city. The neighborhood also offers a Farmers Market.

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Muswell Hill is a quiet residential area

If you’re looking for a home in London’s South-East, Muswell Hill is the place for you. This suburb of London┬áis full of large, family-friendly houses and has an appealing suburban feel. Stretching out in several directions from Broadway, Muswell Hill has a variety of housing options to suit a variety of budgets. While most of the houses are Victorian or Edwardian, a few have been converted into flats or are being restored as single family dwellings. Despite being a desirable location, the homes here are still reasonably priced.

It has plenty of open space

Despite the lack of a Tube station, Muswell Hill has plenty of open space and a high street with a lively atmosphere. Residents often stroll through the neighbourhood on Sundays, and there are many child-friendly cafes and restaurants in the area. The area has long been a desirable spot for well-to-do families. Recently, new developments have made Muswell Hill more affordable for first-time home buyers, including Catalyst’s development The Folium. It offers modern 1-2 bedroom homes for buyers.

It has a large concentration of Ancient Woods

The ancient woods in Muswell Hill have a rich history. The area was largely unwooded in the 17th century but now is a nationally rare, and particularly scarce, example of an ancient woodland. These ancient woods provide valuable dead-wood habitat for a wide variety of invertebrate species. One of the most notable is the jewel beet, which develops in the bark of oaks. This species is listed as vulnerable in the British Red Data Book.

It has a Farmer’s Market

This weekly market brings together a wide range of local producers. Many come from the surrounding London area to sell their produce. This is the ideal place to buy fresh produce that has been grown and nurtured in the growing season.

It has a lot of restaurants

Muswell Hill is a quiet residential area in North London. Located on a hill, it offers panoramic views of the city. There are plenty of restaurants and shops in the area. You’ll find everything from supermarkets to small delis. The area is ideal for a family meal.

It has delis

When in Muswell Hill, a visit to the local deli can be a real treat. There are two different shops in the area, one of which opened in early 2013. Both are located in the same building, but they serve very different types of food. Both offer breads and pastries. The Muswell Hillbillies Cafe offers all-day breakfast and brunch, but you may want to call ahead to make sure you can get a table. Items on the menu can range from stone-ground flour for bread to dried fruits and nuts.

It has fashion boutiques

Located in the London Borough of Haringey, Muswell Hill is home to a variety of independent delis, boutiques and cafes. The area also includes Alexandra Park, a green space with a boating lake and playgrounds. From the park, residents can enjoy views of the city and the surrounding countryside. Most residents are young families or working professionals. Muswell Hill is known for its upmarket, suburban feel, despite its proximity to the city.

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