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Perch Stairlift

Stairlifts are great tools to help seniors regain their independence. They are comfortable, easy to use and an effective way of helping you get up and down the stairs. However, with most stairlifts, you are seated, which many seniors don’t like.

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The main problem that many have with sitting down when using the stairs is that they have to get up again. Some seniors don’t like this, and that’s why there are Perch stairlifts, which offers the same benefits while the user is in a different position.

Perch Stairlift: Not Your Usual Stairlift

While in a traditional stairlift, you are in a seated position during use. This isn’t the case for a Perch stairlift. With a perch stairlift, you are in a perching position during use, which is more comfortable for many seniors.

However, it’s also slightly different from a regular standing stairlift, as it offers more support. The additional support comes through the arm and backrest, making it a more comfortable solution for seniors.

If you think that you would prefer standing but need additional support, the Perch stairlift might suit you.

Perch Stairlift: Features and Benefits

A perch stairlift is jam-packed with awesome features, including:

  • Armrests for additional security
  • Joystick control
  • Adjustable seating arrangement
  • Backrest for extra comfort
  • Affixed to the stairs, so it does not affect your walls
  • Different colours to suit your home
  • Maximum user weight of 100kg
  • More space for tight staircases
  • Emergency holding button

The combination of these features is what makes it comfortable yet effective. Additionally, the stairlift design is well thought out so that it won’t take up too much space.

Overall, the perch stairlift offers a comfortable solution to get up and down the staircase — without being seated. Plus, thanks to the emergency holding button and armrests, you will always be safe when using your Perch stairlift.

Perch Stairlifts In London – Service That You Can Trust

Here at UKMobilityStairlifts UK, we help seniors in the London area with stairlifts. No matter whether you are looking for curved, straight or wheelchair stairlifts, we are always ready to assist you.

Our team are experts in stairlifts, meaning we can always offer the best possible advice to help you get the right stairlift for your home. Not only do we help install stairlifts, but we can also source them for you.

That means we assist you in the entire process of helping you find the right stairlift to installation.

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The Perch Stairlift is an outstanding solution for tight staircases and anyone who is not comfortable with regular stairlifts. If you think that a Perch stairlift is for you, you can contact us using the number below to discuss the options best for you.

You can also get in touch if you have any questions about stairlifts or our services. We serve the entire London area and some surrounding areas. And, if you’re not quite sure whether the perch stairlift is for you, we’ll be happy to have a chat as well.

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