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Things to consider when looking at different curved stairlifts?

If you or your loved one suffer from medical conditions like multiple sclerosis, arthritis or rheumatoid arthritis, or any kind of health condition where your mobility is limited then there is a high chance you have already considered buying a stairlift unit for your home. If you live in a home with a curved staircase, you may find your search history somewhat more challenging as curved stairlifts are more complex by nature and more expensive. The reason lies in their special design and installation that needs to fit your staircase with some additional factors like being curved either on the top or at the bottom of the stairs.

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  1. The technical aspects of your stairwells

The best thing is to call a company you chose for the stairlift project, and ask them to assist you with the most optimal choice of curved stairlifts for your property. They will consider the size of your stairs as some of its characteristics, like angle and gradient, can affect the type appropriate for your staircase. Then they take the width of the staircase into account as you have to have enough space for your legs when using the stairlift. Lastly, they will advise on purchasing a folding seat stairlift if there is not enough space for people to move along the stairs.

  1. Durability is important

Durability is directly connected with the longevity of the unit. Although there are many factors that affect how long will the curved stairlifts last (like user’s weight), the quality of the materials used while manufacturing the unit plays a great role in the unit’s lifespan. Most technologically advanced curved stairlifts are manufactured by companies who put an accent on top-notch materials where the price is higher but it should not matter as your comfort and security are on the line. 

  1. Comfort is important too

Comfort is among top considerations when deciding on curved stairlifts, and here it is common to look at three things:

  • Swivel seating: if you have a narrow staircase with an acute angle, you may want to consider purchasing curved stairlift with the possibility to turn at the top of the stairs so that you do not have to face the stairs when sitting or standing. 
  • Seating characteristics: it may not sound too important but the material the seating is made of is also important as you want to feel comfortable when using it. Knowing that you feel unease on the chair can make you start agonizing every time you have to use the stairlift.
  • Safety features: knowing that you can be stack in the middle of your trip to downstairs can make you feel unsafe when using it. Different curved stairlifts are equipped with various safety features for backup power, error code displays, and other things you can find useful.

Keep in mind that you need to ensure you purchased the right stairlift model for your staircase from the reputable and licensed UK company that offers all year long technical assistance and a wide range of curved stairlifts models from well-known manufacturing companies.

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