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Grants For Stairlift – Can I Get a Free Stairlift?

Such is the case with stairlifts. If you have a family member who is  needs help getting up and down the stairs in your home, a stairlift can be a lifesaver. Unfortunately, they can also be quite expensive, cost for a Stairlift ? . There has to be a better way, and indeed, there may be. If you meet certain qualifications, you may be eligible to receive a free stairlift in the UK.

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The Disabled Facilities Grant

One of the main sources of funding for free stairlifts and other forms of assistance for those with disability-related mobility issues is the Disability Facilities Grant. Every year the DFG gives grants to patients in need across the UK.

This is a government grant, and it will not cancel out or otherwise affect any other grants or forms of assistance that you already receive. These grants can help you receive not just stairlifts but ramps for wheelchairs, walk-in baths, widened doors, and all manner of home upgrades that can make a home more amenable to those with disabilities.

Every year, £30,000, £36,000, and £25,000 worth of grants are given away to patients and families in need in England, Wales, and Northern Ireland, respectively. (The DFG is not available in Scotland.) Grants cover the cost of the stairlift. You are responsible for the cost of installation.

How to Qualify

To qualify for the DFG you will need to get at least two estimates in writing as to the cost of the stairlift and work in question. If you are unable to fill out these forms yourself owing to disability, your landlord can help on your behalf.

Eligibility is assessed by way of local councils. They will determine if your case is “necessary,” “appropriate,” and what is “reasonable” in the way of assistance. In considering these questions, they will take into account factors such as your health as well as the status of your living situation as certified by an occupational therapist.

You must show intent that you plan to live in the property in which the stairlift will be installed for the duration of the grant (currently set at five years), or you may need to pay back the grant.

It can take as much as six months for a decision to be reached. You should not have your stairlift installed before that, as you will not be compensated if you do. If your claim is denied, you can appeal your case.

By following these steps, you can get the funding for a free grant-paid stairlift.

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