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How Much Does A Stair lift Cost with Installation? A Guide to UK Stairlift Costs & Prices In 2024

Stairlifts are a practical solution for those who face mobility challenges and struggle to navigate stairs in their home. In the UK, stairlift prices can vary significantly depending on several factors, such as the type and complexity of the staircase, and the specific needs of the individual. Understanding the costs involved can help homeowners make informed decisions when considering stairlift installation. Clients often as us “how much do stairlifts cost uk”.

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Straight stairlifts, designed for standard 13-step staircases, typically have an average price of around £2,000. However, factors such as narrow stairs, longer staircases or the choice of manufacturer may influence the final stair lift cost. In comparison, curved stairlifts, which are customised to accommodate turns or bends in the staircase, have a higher average price – around £4,000 for a standard single-turn model. Additionally, installing a new stairlift on single stairs in an older home may cost between £3,000 and £6,000 per floor.

It is essential for homeowners to obtain a free, no-obligation survey to get an accurate quote for their specific requirements. Renting a stairlift can also be considered as a cost-effective alternative, with monthly payments and additional servicing coverage. Ultimately, the price of a stairlift in the UK will depend on its custom specifications and the unique needs of each individual.

Types of Stairlifts in the UK

Straight Stairlifts

Straight stairlifts are designed for homes with straight staircases that have no twists or curves. They are a popular choice for many homeowners, as they offer a simple solution for navigating straight stairs. The average price paid for a new straight stairlift in the UK was £3,371 in December 2022. Some factors that affect the cost of a straight stairlift include:

  • Standard length (13 step) straight staircase
  • New model (not reconditioned)
  • 2-year warranty
  • Straightforward installation (no remedial works)
  • Standard rail (no powered hinge required, etc.)

Curved Stairlifts

Curved stairlifts are specifically designed for curved or winding staircases, meaning they must be customised to fit the unique shape and turns of the stairs. As a result, curved stairlift prices are more expensive than straight stairlift prices, with the average price paid for a new curved stairlift reaching £4,728 in December 2022. Some factors that may affect the price of a curved stairlift include:

  • The number of corners or turns in the staircase
  • The length and configuration of the stairlift rail
  • Additional features or customisations, such as powered hinges or swivel seats

Bear in mind that the complexity of the installation for a curved stairlift can lead to additional costs compared to a straight stairlift. Because every corner in a curved staircase has the potential to double the initial price, it is essential to have a free, no-obligation survey completed to obtain an accurate quote for your specific staircase.

UK Stairlift Manufacturers and Brands

The UK stairlift market offers a variety of reputable manufacturers and brands to cater to different customer needs. This section highlights some of the well-known companies and their offerings.

Acorn Stairlifts is a leading UK-based manufacturer that is known for its innovation and high-quality products, providing reliable solutions for straight and curved staircases.

Companion Stairlifts is another renowned UK brand, offering a range of stairlift solutions to suit various stair types, including straight, curved, and narrow stairs. They focus on customer satisfaction, providing excellent after-sales service and support. Companion Stairlifts has earned a reputation for delivering safety, comfort, and accessibility to those in need.

Stannah Stairlifts is a prominent UK-based stairlift company with a long history of producing dependable stairlifts. Their products cater to different stair shapes, including straight, curved, and outdoor stairs. Stannah Stairlifts are known for their customisable features and attractive designs, making them an excellent choice for customers who seek functionality and aesthetics alike.

When considering stairlift prices, the average stair lifts uk cost for a new straight stairlift typically ranges between £1,250 and £3,500, while a curved stairlift’s average cost falls below £5,000. Moreover, the average cost of a straight stairlift was £3,371, which increases to £4,728 for a curved stairlift, as per a December 2022 survey.

Some UK stairlift companies offer fixed prices, while others charge based on customization and the complexity of staircases. Therefore, consumers must shop around and compare prices, features, and services to make an informed decision before committing to a stairlift solution.

In summary, the UK stairlift market has numerous reputable manufacturers and brands, including Acorn Stairlifts, Companion Stairlifts, and Stannah Stairlifts, offering a variety of solutions for different staircases and customer preferences.

Stairlift Feature Options

In this section, we will explore various feature options available in stairlifts such as swivel seats, perch seats, and remote controls. These features enhance usability and provide added comfort and convenience to the user.

Swivel Seat

A swivel seat is an essential feature in stairlifts, allowing the user to turn their seat to a comfortable position when getting on or off the chair. This feature offers:

  • Easier transfer to and from the stairlift
  • Added safety, as it prevents the risk of falling
  • Convenience, with some models offering both manual and powered swivel seat options

There are two main types of swivel seats available:

  1. Manual Swivel Seat: This type requires the user to manually turn the seat into position using a handle or lever.
  2. Powered Swivel Seat: With this option, the seat swivels automatically, reducing the need for any manual effort. This is ideal for users with limited mobility.

Perch Seat

A perch seat is an alternative to the traditional seated stairlift, designed for users who have difficulty bending their knees or sitting down. This feature:

  • Provides a semi-standing position, allowing the user to perch on the stairlift
  • Reduces pressure on the knees and lower back
  • Offers an adjustable-height option to ensure a comfortable fit

However, it’s important to note that perch seats may not be suitable for everyone, as they require users to maintain their balance while perching on the stairlift.

Remote Control

Remote control functionality is a common feature in modern stairlifts, offering the following benefits:

  • Ease of use, allowing the user to call or send the stairlift from any point along the staircase
  • Increased accessibility for multiple users, as each person can have their remote control
  • Option to wall-mount the remote control for convenient access

In summary, considering the available feature options when purchasing a stairlift, such as swivel seats, perch seats, and remote controls, ensures that users receive the most appropriate and comfortable stairlift experience for their individual needs.

Costs of Stairlifts in the UK

Average Cost of Straight and Curved Stairlifts

The cost of a stairlift primarily depends on the type and complexity of the staircase. The average cost of a straight stairlift in 2023 is around £2,175. This price typically includes a standard-length (13-step) straight staircase, a new model (not reconditioned), a 2-year warranty, and a straightforward installation without any additional works. In comparison, curved stairlifts are more expensive, with an average cost of £4,050. Some customisable curved stairlifts can be as high as £9,000.

New, Reconditioned, and Second-Hand Stairlifts Prices

When it comes to stairlift prices, customers have a range of options like new, reconditioned, or second-hand stairlifts. New stairlifts often come with a warranty and the latest features. Reconditioned stairlifts are previously used models that have been refurbished and tested for safety and functionality. Second-hand stairlifts are models that have typically been used for some time without any specific refurbishing. While new stairlifts are typically more expensive, reconditioned and second-hand models can offer budget-conscious customers a more affordable option.

Disabled Facilities Grant and VAT Exemption

For those in need of financial assistance to purchase a stairlift, the Disabled Facilities Grant may offer help towards the cost of installation. Additionally, customers who are eligible can claim VAT exemption on stairlift purchases and other mobility equipment. Both the Disabled Facilities Grant and VAT exemption can help reduce the financial burden of purchasing and installing a stairlift.

Running and Maintenance Costs

Owning a stairlift also involves running and maintenance costs to ensure optimal performance and safety. These costs typically depend on the type and model of the stairlift, and whether it is battery-powered or electric. Regular maintenance, generally advised annually, may involve a professional service that checks for any issues and ensures the stairlift is in good working order.

Renting a Stairlift

For customers who may not need a stairlift long-term or want to avoid the upfront cost of purchasing one, renting may be a viable option. Stairlift rental prices can vary depending on the model, and whether the staircase is straight or curved. Rental costs can range from £40 per month to as much as £160 per month. Customers considering renting should inquire about any additional costs or fees attached to the rental agreement.

Installation, Warranty, and Support

When considering stairlift prices in the UK, it’s important to factor in installation costs. Depending on the complexity of the staircase and the provider, installation fees can range from £350 to over £1,000. Hiring an engineer for the installation is typically included in this fee, and often entails removal at the end of the stairlift’s lifespan. It is important to remember when you buy a new stairlift the cost of fitting a stair lift is included in the price .

In terms of stairlift prices, the average cost for a straight stairlift in 2023 is £2,175. This typically includes:

  • A standard length (13 step) straight staircase
  • A new model (not reconditioned)
  • A 2-year warranty
  • A straightforward installation with no remedial works necessary
  • A standard rail (no powered hinge required, etc.)

Reconditioned stairlifts can offer cost savings and are usually sold by manufacturers. These stairlifts have been restored and tested to a high standard, potentially saving you between £200 and £300 when compared to a new model. A reconditioned stairlift is backed by a warranty, providing peace of mind to the buyer.

Outdoor stairlifts carry an average price of around £2,300, which varies based on staircase length and type. Keep in mind that adding customisation options will increase the cost of the stairlift.

After the manufacturer’s warranty expires, typically after one year, an extended warranty can be purchased. On average, an extended warranty costs £89 and covers call-out fees and repairs.

To ensure your stairlift remains in good working condition, it’s essential to invest in regular maintenance. A servicing contract usually costs around £99, which includes periodic check-ups and basic maintenance.

In case of a breakdown, support from an engineer is often part of the warranty or servicing contract. This ensures that issues are resolved quickly and efficiently, minimising downtimes and inconvenience.

When considering the overall cost of a stairlift, it’s crucial to factor in installation, warranty, and ongoing support expenses. This provides a more accurate understanding of the true cost and the level of service provided throughout the stairlift’s use.

Considerations Before Purchasing a Stairlift

Assessing the Staircase

Before installing a stairlift, it is essential to assess the staircase to determine which type of stairlift best suits the user’s needs. Factors to consider include the staircase’s width, the presence of any curves or landings, and any obstructions that may require a hinged rail.

  • Straight staircases: For straight and narrow stairs, a straight stairlift is typically the most appropriate choice. These stairlifts can usually be installed quickly and easily without the need for significant modifications to the staircase.
  • Curved staircases: When a staircase curves, has multiple landings or turns, a curved stairlift is necessary. These stairlifts are custom-made to fit the specific shape of the user’s staircase, which often results in a higher cost than straight stairlifts.

User’s Mobility and Comfort Needs

When purchasing a stairlift, take into account the user’s mobility level, comfort needs, and preferences. This can be especially important for the elderly or people with limited mobility. Factors to consider may include:

  • Seat design: Choose a seat that provides adequate support and comfort based on the user’s specific needs. Some stairlift models offer swivel seats to facilitate getting on and off the lift safely.
  • Safety features: Make sure the stairlift is equipped with necessary safety features, such as sensors that detect obstructions and stop the lift, as well as seatbelts and backup power options in case of a power outage.
  • Weight capacity: Ensure that the stairlift can accommodate the user’s weight. The weight capacity of stairlifts can vary, so be sure to select a model capable of handling the user’s weight safely.

By considering these factors when purchasing a stairlift, you can make a more informed decision to ensure the chosen stairlift meets the user’s needs in terms of functionality, comfort, and cost.


The cost of stairlifts in the UK can vary depending on the type and features required. On average, a straight stairlift costs around £2,175 in 2023, while a curved stairlift averages at £4,728. These prices include a standard length rail stairlift model for a 13-step staircase and a 2-year warranty, and assume a straightforward installation with no remedial work needed.

Several factors can influence the final price of a stairlift, such as:

  • The layout and number of corners in your staircase
  • Additional features like powered hinges and custom rail colours
  • The difference between new and reconditioned models
  • Whether any additional work is needed to properly fit the stairlift to your home

It’s important to obtain quotes from reputable stairlift providers to determine the best option for your needs and budget. Reconditioned stairlifts can be a more affordable choice, with prices varying depending on the make and model.

Running costs for stairlifts are generally low, averaging at around £5-£7.50 per year in electricity. This estimate is based on using the stairlift seven times per day, so if it is used less frequently, the costs will likely be even lower. Stairlift batteries typically have a lifespan of 3-5 years and cost approximately £50 to replace.

Maintenance contracts may also be offered by some companies to provide ongoing support and breakdown assistance. These contracts can help ensure your stairlift remains in good working order and prolong its lifespan. Make sure to weigh the benefits of a maintenance contract against its cost when making a decision.

In summary, stairlift prices in the UK can vary greatly depending on the specific requirements and circumstances of the installation.

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