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Stairlift Costs & Prices

It can be very expensive to provide care for the elderly, disabled or those in need of assistance. It is not something that anyone likes to consider when it comes time to give treatment. However, the sheer cost of a stairlift and the long-term nature care can make this an inevitable topic.

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This is especially true when you consider the cost of a large and important device such as a stairlift.

What can you do to lower the cost of a UK stairlift?

1. Different types of stairlifts

The first thing you should do is to decide which type of lift you want to install. There are two types of stairlifts: straight and curved. These are the shapes of the railings and the way they move up your stairs.

Straight stairlifts are more affordable than curved. A straight stairlift will cost you around PS2200. Curved options can run around PS3500. These are only guidelines. You’ll need to compare different models to determine which is the most cost-effective.

2. Cost of installing stairlifts in the UK

You should also consider the costs of installation. These costs can easily add several hundred pounds. Different companies may offer different installation prices depending on the type of stairlift.

Furthermore, permanent models can be more costly than rentals and reconditioned models can also be cheaper than the newer models.

3. What you can do

What can you do to reduce the cost of renting or buying a stairlift in the UK, now that we have all this information?

You can apply for a grant. The UK recognizes the need for people to overcome mobility issues. It considers the right to live in dignity and comfort the essential human right. The Disabled Facilities Grant is available to those living in England, Wales, or Northern Ireland who require assistance in purchasing mobility devices such as stairlifts.

You will need to submit an application to the local council to apply for a DFG loan. You will also need to provide occupational therapy certifications of your health and your home. If you have done this, you can access funds worth hundreds, or even thousands, of pounds.

You might also consider purchasing reconditioned stairslifts. Repurposed models are often hundreds to even thousands of dollars cheaper than the newer models. This makes them more affordable for people with tight budgets.

These facts will help you make informed decisions about the costs of your case in order to find the best stairlift for you.

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