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Outdoor Stairlifts

Can you have a stair lift outside?

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Outdoor staircase lift tracks mounted directly onto staircases. An Outdoor stairlift may be installed in a matter of hours while outdoor curved stairlifts may be installed within days.

If you’re looking to get a stair lift for outside your home, there are several important considerations you need to make. You’ll need controls at the top and bottom of the stairs, and a remote control so you can call the chair back to you. You can choose an infrared remote, or a radio frequency remote, depending on your situation. Infrared remotes require line-of-sight with external stairlift and the controller, while radio frequency remotes can communicate through any obstructions.


The Acorn stairlift is one of the best options if you have limited mobility and are worried about the stairs. Its innovative design eliminates the obstacle of stairs, which can be hazardous and difficult to negotiate. Acorn offers straight and curved models, as well as outdoor models.

It is ideal for outdoor use, as its external components are made of plastic and are heat and UV resistant. This makes the ride comfortable and efficient.


The Stannah stair lift for outside is built for the elements. It is UV-resistant and can operate in temperatures from 14 to 105 degrees. It comes with a protective cover and removable key to prevent theft. Customers can purchase directly from Stannah or through a Stannah authorized dealer. Dealers can set the price of a Stannah stair lift and offer additional package options. Both options may save you money.

The price of a Stannah stair lift for outside varies depending on the model and features.Additionally, Stannah offers rental options for customers with a limited budget.


A Handicare stair lift for outside can provide independence to a person with limited mobility. The company’s global headquarters are in Sweden, but they have offices around the world. Handicare also offers a 3D visualization of its outdoor stairlift to help you make an informed decision. You can view this visualization online or in your home, and it can even help you find the best model for your specific needs.

The Handicare 1000 Outdoor lift is a residential outdoor stairlift, that offers freedom of movement for those with limited mobility. Made from water-resistant materials, this stairlift is weatherproof and requires very little maintenance. It features a UV-protected upholstery and a waterproof cover for maximum outdoor comfort.

Acorn 180

The Acorn 180 stairlift is a great choice for people who have difficulty with stairs. It has modular interlocking rails, so installation can take just a few days. It is also equipped with safety edges, which stop it instantly when it encounters an obstruction. It is available in a variety of models, and can even be used outdoors.

Its slim design makes it one of the slimmest curved stairlifts available. It can fit on staircases as narrow as 685mm wide. It has a track that is specially designed for each type of staircase, so it can be fitted on almost any type of staircase.

Stannah Electra-Ride Elite

The Stannah Electra-Ride outdoor stair lift is an excellent choice for outdoor stair lifts people with varying mobility needs. It has a slim profile and practical features. It also offers long, curved flights. It is made with a sturdy and durable construction.

It is a powerful stair lift, with a weight capacity of 400 pounds (181 kg). It also features sensors that can detect obstacles on the stairs, making entry and exit easier. It is powered by two 12-volt batteries, so no special electrical wiring is required to be installed. This means that it will continue working even during temporary power outages.

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