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If you want stairlift removal (for whatever reason, maybe), you should know the safe ways to carry out this task. Unfortunately, a used stairlift will not be of much value to you because of its bespoke nature, especially the curved one. However, do not think that your Stairlift is entirely useless. There are plenty of cost-effective ways you can follow for stair lift removal.

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Cost-Effective Ways to Remove Your Stairlift

Removal Service

So, you have requested your product manufacturer, and they are unwilling, or their Stairlift removal charges are steep. Oh, the private sale option isn’t working either, so what to do now?  You can contact a third-party intermediary service online.

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Part Exchange

If you need to replace your Stairlift, you can simply contact the manufacturer and request them a quote for the new product. For instance, if you have bought it from Stannah, you can opt for Stannah stairlift removal. The company then will be responsible for removing and disposing of the old Stairlift.

In the new agreement, make sure you ask the surveyor to mention the removal and disposal in the quote.

Online Buy-back and Removal Service

Unfortunately, not all stairlifts can benefit from the buy-back option online. This option mainly relies on the product’s make, model, age, and location within the United Kingdom.

If you are eligible for a buy-back and free expert removal, you will be able to get some cash for your second-hand Stairlift. However, that won’t be much and may not be available in all the counties.

Sell On Your Own

If you have all the time in the world to sell your Stairlift privately, you should definitely take this route.

Post an ad on eBay, Gumtree, Craigslist or any other classified ads site. While writing the advertisement, ensure to mention that the buyer will be responsible for dismantling and collecting the Stairlift.

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