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Can You Install Domestic House Lifts in the UK?

Domestic house lifts also known as indoor lifts for homes are becoming a necessity in every home. In this technologically advanced world, many tasks are being automated to save human efforts. These machines are being introduced as luxuries and gradually becoming necessities for all. No longer confined to the homes of the rich, domestic house lifts are becoming a practical necessity for all homes.

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Installing a domestic home lift in the UK can be a great way to make your home more accessible. There are many different types of home lifts available, so it is important to choose the one that is best suited for your needs.
A floor home lift can go up to six floors (if your home even has 6 floors), which is really convenient for those who don’t have the energy to go up the stairs.

Home Lifts May Add Value to A Home

The use of domestic passenger lifts provides homeowners with a convenient and modern solution. Glass elevators are visually impressive and do not carry the same negative stigma as stairlifts, for example. A domestic lift can be completely hidden from view of guests that come to visit you at home.

What Type of Home Lift on the Market is Good For You

Standard Home Lift
This is the most common configuration, where the domestic lift comes to an upstairs room, typically a master bedroom, from a downstairs room.

Stairwell Void/Landing Platform Lift
The turn of a staircase is an excellent place for this positioning option since the home lift can utilise the empty void in the turn, making the product more unobtrusive.

Cupboard to Cupboard Residential Lift
The small size of the domestic lift makes it possible for you to install it inside a wardrobe or airing cupboard to make it completely hidden.

Sloping/Vaulted Ceilings Home Lift
A horizontal surface is required for fixing vertical rails. However, vaulted ceilings are not an issue. There are many solutions available to overcome pitched roof installations.

Garage Residential Lift
Taking into account health and safety considerations, we can construct a simple shaft around your home lift so you can get from your garage safely into your home.

Home lift brands such as Stiltz Home Lift and the Aritco Home Lift are great options for domestic elevators. Home lifts are perfect to install in an existing property or a dead space somewhere in your home. Residents and even wheelchair users alike can find a good use for home lifts.

Do Home Wheelchair Lifts And Passenger Lifts Differ?

Definitely. Which is best for each individual user will depend on their needs. Some major differences are related to access, floor plan space, and controls. Lifts and platforms designed for wheelchairs and platform lifts are generally sized to accommodate a wheelchair and are operated by the wheelchair user. These conversions are becoming more popular since they offer another option to convert a downstairs room into a bedroom.

On the other hand, passenger residential lifts can accommodate two or more passengers. In some cases, they are able to go from floor to floor within 30 seconds. Many models can be customized to blend stylishly into the décor of any home of this type, and there are many placement options.

Is It Possible to Install a Platform Lift in an Existing House?

Installation of an elevator is usually done during the initial construction phase. People building large houses are looking for ways to make their homes more comfortable and functional. Installing an elevator is an excellent luxury amenity that will benefit your family for years to come. A professional residential elevator installer can handle the job. They can also add additional floors to the house without adding additional costs. A home elevator installation can take up a lot of space, so it’s important to consider all the options and costs before deciding on whether to install one.

One of the biggest advantages of installing an elevator in your home is that you can sell it for more money. It adds value to the property and attracts potential buyers. Homebuyers often prefer move-in-ready homes, and an elevator can make your property stand out on the market. In addition to the additional resale value, home elevators also make moving from floor to floor easier and safer for everyone.
Many elderly people may find it difficult to manage stairs in multi-story homes. They may have to give up some of their living space in order to access the upper floors, and this can make it difficult to sell the home in the future. An elevator can help them stay in their dream home, and you can get one at a reasonable price. You can also save money on relocation costs and real estate fees by having an elevator installed in the basement of your home.

Are Residential Elevators Safe?

Although some residential houses have elevators, these devices are not completely safe. They pose several dangers to children and adults. If you have a multi-level home, for example, the elevator door may lock when you go up a floor, and if you’re standing between the doors, the elevator could take you up with it. You can even become trapped inside! Regardless of whether or not you’re using a residential house lift, it is important to be aware of the risks.

First, make sure to read the elevator’s user manual. If the elevator does not have backup power, it should be battery-operated. This way, you won’t get stuck inside the elevator if the power goes out. Additionally, you want to make sure that everyone in the family knows how to operate the lift in case of an emergency. Otherwise, they’ll be trapped, which will cause additional costs to fix the lift.

How Much Space Needed for a Residential Elevator?

Whether installing a domestic house lift is right for you is a matter of preference. The first consideration should be accessibility, which includes sacrificing some space if it is needed for personal items. An elevator with a shaft, on the other hand, requires about five square feet of space. The height of the elevator should be approximately ten to twelve feet. A domestic house lift is not designed to be large and will fit into a space of approximately 18 square feet.

The size of the home elevator should be measured, as this will determine the type and style of the unit. For example, simple units are space-saving but have limited weight capacity. If you need a larger space to fit an elevator, you should opt for a larger one. Heavy-duty elevators can accommodate wheelchairs and carry up to 1,400 pounds. There are five types of domestic house lifts on the market today: hydraulic system, pneumatic, and hybrid.

Is it Hard to Add an Elevator to a House?

If you’re planning to install a lift in a domestic house, you must first consider the location of the garage. Usually, elevators are located in rooms that are commonly used, such as the living room, kitchen, or bedroom. Incorporating a lift into a domestic home can relieve a great deal of the strain associated with everyday activities and help those with limited mobility spend more time doing the things they love.
Residential elevator installation requires extensive construction work and will incur extra costs. A complete installation can take from four to eight weeks.

The length of time the installation takes depends on the type of elevator. An elevator that functions with a single switch will cost about £700, while a more complex elevator will cost around £1,500. You must consider your budget and the area in which you live when making the decision to install an elevator. Additionally, some homes may need more carpentry and electrical work than others. You should ask around for three quotes before making a final decision.

Adding an elevator to a domestic house is a good investment for your home.

How Much Does It Cost to Put a Lift in a House UK?

The cost of a lift varies depending on the type of installation. There are three main types: standard and custom. The first one is the least expensive, and it is easy to install yourself. The other two types require some work and expertise on your part. The most expensive type of installation requires alterations to the house, such as building extensions. Another type of installation requires approval from the local authority Building Control Department and can be quite complex. However, if you are not too fussed about having a bespoke installation, this is the cheapest option.

A home lift can be an invaluable asset for elderly people and those with limited mobility. More people are opting for home lifts in order to future-proof their homes. As you age, you’ll be more likely to live in your home for many years. Whether you install a lift for a practical or lifestyle reason, knowing how much it costs will help you decide if you want to save for it or buy one.

What Is the Cost of a Lift in a House?

A domestic house lift costs around £23,000 to £28,000, which is a typical price. Typically, these lifts are hydraulic and operate through a hydraulic piston at the base. Because they use more parts and require more maintenance, these elevators require a larger space and a separate machine room. You should also expect a higher price if you opt for this type of lift. However, it can still be a great option if your budget is tight.

Prices for domestic lifts vary, depending on which type you opt for and your location. Depending on the model, delivery and installation may be included in the price. Installation, in contrast, may take anywhere from two to four weeks. Delivery of a lift is expensive, so it’s best to choose a company that includes it in the quote. Lastly, maintenance is expensive, so you might want to consider purchasing a lift that comes with its own parts and requires no additional equipment.
Building costs include installing the control panel and the floor lift in your home. Of course, workers will need to ensure that your floor lifts will function with minimal disruption.

Which Internal / Indoor Lift Is Best For Your Home?

There are many different types of lifts on the market, so which one is best for your needs? You’ll want to know more about the different technologies and mechanisms, and which type will work best for your situation. Then you can find the best lift for your home. Here are three options. For more information, contact a company that sells lifts for the home. If you have an existing lift in your home, you might be able to get a discount on one that does not use track systems.

These domestic house lifts can also be called compact lifts, and are fully customisable for accessibility purposes. You can decide to sprinkle a stylish addition to your Stiltz lift with automatic sliding doors. This revolutionary technology can also be a vertical wheelchair lift and has customisation options available for each home.

Not only can it improve your home décor, but home lifts are designed in a compact nature. It only has a small footprint. They can save more space while looking good.

Need Residential Lifts UK Installed?

We can provide your lift solution today. We offer residential lift installing for these home lifts:
Stiltz home lift:
Stiltz Trio home lift
Stiltz Duo home lift
Terry lifts
Vacuum elevators
Glass lift
Lifton home lift
Bespoke lift
Vertical platform lift
Luxury home lifts
Aritco home lift


Platform lifts range in function and can be used with basic functionalities like walking up and down the stairs, carrying heavy loads, and even making it available for public access (guests) when having a party for easy movement.A step lift can be a huge amount of help compared to staircase lifts. Such lifts only carry wheelchair users, while domestic home lifts can transport multiple people to specific floors in your home. It is definitely a versatile option of the highest quality.

If you or a loved one is finding it increasingly difficult to negotiate stairs, or if you’re looking for ways to make your home more accessible and welcoming for everyone, installing a domestic house lift may be the perfect solution for you. We offer a wide range of lifts that can accommodate any need or budget. We also provide free consultations and estimates, so don’t hesitate to call us today to learn more about how we can help you improve your quality of life with a domestic house lift.

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