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Companion Stairlifts UK

When you have a family member or a loved one that is having issues of getting up the stairs, it could be time to look at a stairlift. There are several options in the UK for this. But, the Companion stairlifts UK are fairly new. Because of this, they are going to have to make a mark of their own to complete with the existing market. Their angle is getting your stairlifts to fit in with the decor around you. You have all kinds of various options for the upholstery and they will come out and gladly change that for you when needed. The Companion Stairlifts UK is focused more on the quality of their stairlifts and that seems to be an angle that Companion Stairlifts UK.
Companion stairlifts UK has many unique and great features. It is important that the stairlift that you choose offers the unique features that you need. The seat is made to be adjustable as well as ergonomically designed. The stairlifts from Companion are offered for a wide range of different styles of stairs as well. Not everyone’s stairs are as basic as straight up and down. Some people have curved stairs, narrow, spiral or outdoor which need to be fitted with a stairlift as well. This is done easily with the designs by Companion. They offer some space saver designs for those that are looking to keep enough room on the stairs for others to pass.

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Ease of Use

These stairlifts are designed for both residential and commercial properties.  Wherever there are stairs and people need to have help navigating them, the Companion stairlift UK can help.  It is also important that these are easy to operate for those that are visually impaired or having a hard time with their range of motion.  The paddle design that they offer does just that.

They have a unique track system that can easily extend past the stairs.  This allows the transfer to the seat a bit easier for some. This track, when not in use, can be folded up and stored so that it is out of the way, but it doesn’t have to be.  This is especially nice for those that are using it outdoors, so there is less chance of slipping on the steps while trying to get into the chair.

They take safety seriously and it shows with all of the safety features on their models.  For example, there is a comfort grip. This grip provides the rider with another level of security.  This gives the rider something they can hold on to while the chair is in motion. It can be put on the right or left arm of the chair, depending on preference.  The chair can take on even the tightest turns with ease as well. So, if you are on a tight spiral staircase, not a problem. These chairs can be swivel to help with mount and dismount.

Companion stairlifts have many safety features installed as well.

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