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Do Stairlifts Go Around Corners?

Stairlifts come in a range of shapes and sizes and can be customized to suit your staircase. Curved rail stairlifts use a specially designed rail and take up less space on the stairs. Curved stairlifts used to be expensive but recent advances in manufacturing processes have made them more affordable.

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Handicare curved stairlifts can go around corners

Curved stairs can be tricky, especially if there are many sharp turns or a narrow space. Curved stairlifts from Handicare are designed with these situations in mind, making them a great choice for staircases with tight corners. Curved stairlifts can also go across intermediate landings and up spiral staircases. They are specially designed to fit curved staircases to the highest standard and can be customized to suit the needs of the owner.

There are several different types of Handicare curved stairlifts. There is the Vermeer curved stairlift, the Rembrandt curved stairlift, and the Van Gogh curved stairlift. The Vermeer model is designed for long staircases and multiple stories, while the Rembrandt is ideal for stairs that have steep inside and outside curves. Each curved stairlift offers different seat types for varying degrees of comfort.

Handicare curved stairlifts have a retractable rail option

Retractable rail options on curved stairlifts are an additional benefit to this product. These rails can retract to clear space at the bottom of the stairs, creating a safe landing for the stairlift. They can also be used to send the stairlift back up the stairs.

Each curved stairlift comes with a variety of seat options. Handicare has a range of different seat designs and rail colors to suit a range of styles and tastes.

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