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How much for used stair lifts?

Buying a new stair lift can be a liberating experience but can also mean you have to take a major financial investment that will create a burden in the lives of some people. Although you cannot put a price on the restoring mobility and freedom you once had, you still have to balance between all the financial costs and debts. In the last decade, a market for used stair lifts has grown rapidly with many retailers offering medical devices almost good as new, and for the much affordable prices. If you are wondering how much used stair lifts cost, you have to take a few factors into account:

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  • Type of a stair lift. The prices are not the same for straight and curved used stair lifts. Even though curved stair lifts cost more, when talking about used stair lifts, their value drops significantly as it is not likely for them to fit all the households. The average price for a used unit starts at around £900 but it may not include all the costs.
  • The condition of a unit. When purchasing used stair lifts from reputable sellers and companies, you can be certain you will get tested and refurbished units as they have to guarantee the same level of safety for the users. However, there is a difference depending on the years of the previous usage and the overall condition so you may find some used stair lifts for far lower prices with the same level of quality and security.
  • Used stair lifts model. You may mind some models cost significantly higher than others. That is because they are manufactured by the global creditable companies and their value is still higher due to the durable and top-notch materials they are made of. Some of the leading companies with admirably used stair lifts are Acorn Stairlifts

If you have decided to purchase a used unit, be sure you are getting it from the company that offers warranty and full installation service, assuring you with technical documentation and maintenance work. UK Mobility Stairlifts offer a large range of fully refurbished and tested used stair lifts that you can be sure you will get a good value for the paid money. We put a strong accent on the safety and comfort of our clients and our technicians do a thorough inspection of each unit, reconditioning it to full capacity and high performance. We are aware that it is not possible for everybody to buy brand new stair lifts so our buy used stair lifts service helps you to regain your mobility without going into financial debt. We also offer an alternative to stair lift ownership: low-cost stair lifts rental service offers the best cost-price ratio you will get for your recouped independence.

You do not need to continue to suffer from the inability to move around your house or watch your loved ones agonize over moving up and down the stairs. You also do not need to spend lots of money on buying a brand-new stair lift unit. Purchase used stair lift from the UK Mobility Stairlifts and set yourself free again in the comfort of your home. 

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