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Stair Lift Accessories

One of the many options available for a stair lift is the addition of accessories. These accessories may include the sit and stand frame, basket, or remote control. These features may be helpful for those who have trouble bending their knees. These accessories are available in several different styles and colors. You may even be able to find a set that will match your interior.

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Best spares for stairlift

Hinged rails

Hinged rails for stair lift accessories are a convenient addition to your stair lift. This type of rail can fold back neatly when not in use to allow greater access to doorways and hallways. These accessories also keep the rail out of the way, which is ideal for narrow staircases.

These accessories come in a variety of styles and colors to complement your stairway. They can either be manually folded or powered for ease of use. Some models can be custom-built to fit your staircase.


A stair lift basket is a useful accessory that allows you to carry heavier items up and down the stairs. This large metal basket can hold a couple of dozen pounds of groceries or other objects.

Another accessory that makes the stair lift much easier is a folding rail. This is a safety feature, as it prevents you from tripping on the stair. If your stairs are curved or have intermediate landings, you can also purchase a power-folding rail.

Remote control

Stair lifts are typically equipped with a remote control, which you can use to call or send the stair chair. These controls are easy to use and allow the user to control the chair from a distance. They are especially helpful if you have multiple users who need to use the lift.

Some stair lifts have a safety sensor that detects objects on the stairs that may obstruct the lift’s function. These sensors also help prevent accidents from occurring. In addition to a remote control, a stair lift may also be equipped with seatbelts to keep the rider safe.

Some models also allow the user to turn at the top and bottom of the stairs. A stair lift that turns can be convenient for people who have difficulty bending their knees. The stair lift may also be operated by a lever or a foot. Other features include an adjustable seat back and a remote control.

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