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Stairlifts Coventry

We know that enjoying your home and staying mobile means the world to you. UK Mobility Stairlifts & Acorn Stair lifts open up your whole house again, and puts you back in control.

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Every day people in Coventry regain their independence with a stair lift. We offer a range of affordable quality stairlifts  for both purchase or rental, with next day installation available on certain stairlifts.

We offer Straight Stairlifts, Curved Stairlifts, Perch Lifts, Wheelchair Lifts for both indoors and outdoors staircases.

For Coventry Stairlifts Give Us a Call, We Will Explain All The Options Available and Find The Right Product At The Right Budget For You… CALL US on 020 3984 7692

Straight Stairlift

A stair lift provides the freedom for everyone to go upstairs. As people in Coventry get older, anyone who wants to do so, should have the option to ride up the stairs in safe and comfortable lift chairs.

For those with straight staircases we a number of different models available, these stair lifts offer strength, durability, and convenience and we have the perfect solution and price point to suite your budget.

Curved Stairlift

In many homes, staircases are designed with curves, spirals, balconies, angles and a number of other varying features. There are several popular options that use curved rails and modular design pieces that allow you to customise a curved staircase / lift to all the twists and turns your stairs may offer.

We use a fully trained and highly experienced team of engineers, so can offer you complete management of your stairlift. You can rely on us from the initial enquiry through to choosing the most appropriate stairlift company for your specifications and the final installation.

We work with top brands in today’s market such as Acorn Stairlifts . Our stair chair lift options provide top-notch safety features, remote control, and swivel seat. Our Stairlifts are highly adaptable. We can install on multiple flights or single flight of stairs.

Whatever the shape of your staircase we are confident that we have the correct stair lift for you at a very affordable price .

We supply and install brand new and fully reconditioned stairlifts for both your straight staircase and bespoke curved staircases. Lifts are attached to the stairs and not the wall hence it requires no structural changes to your home. The latest models are slimline and can fold away when not in use, they go up and down the stairs at a gradual pace to ensure safety.

No structural changes need to your home, Acorn utilise latest in slim line stairlift designs. All new stairlifts are independent tested to comply with the latest safety standards.

U.K Mobility Stairlifts and Acorn Stairlift provide some of the best chair lifts for elderly people.

It should come as no surprise that this particular type of mobility aid is now in greater demand than ever, with stairlifts helping many thousands of people around the UK retain their independence and mobility.

We understand that most people will be buying a stairlift for the first time. We offer advice on a wide range of products, but some will be more suitable than others. You can purchase an extended warranty covering all parts and labour charges for up to a further four years after the 12 month guarantee ends.

Stairlifts in coventry can usually be installed within 48 hours after a free home survey . Surrouding areas to Coventry include Leamington Spa and Stratford upon avon. Coventry is in the West Midlands and is well known for its Cathedral and transport museum.

There are various different types of stairlifts such as new or reconditioned stairlift, straight and curved stairlifts. Stairlift rental is also becoming an increasing popular option for free advice get in touch. Narrow stairs are also not a problem.

Acorn stairlifts are manufactured to the world’s highest standards and exceed the requirements of most, ensuring safety, reliability and engineering excellence.

Our team is ready to help you get the perfect stairlift for your needs today. Rest assured that our team in can help you.

For Stairlifts in Coventry Give Us a Call, We Will Explain All The Options Available and Find The Right Product At The Right Budget For You.. CALL US on 020 3984 7692


Fun Facts about Coventry

  1. Coventry has three cathedrals, which are big, beautiful churches. One of them was ruined a long time ago by a king, and another was damaged during a big war.

  2. There’s a castle in a park in Coventry that might be where a famous play by Shakespeare was first performed. It’s like a big, old house with a lot of history.

  3. Coventry is famous for making cars. Some really cool car brands like Jaguar and Triumph started there.

  4. A long time ago, Coventry was bombed during a war and a lot of buildings were destroyed. A bad guy in another country even used the name of the city to mean “destroyed” in his speeches.

  5. Coventry is going to be the “City of Culture” in 2021, which means it’s going to show everyone how much fun and interesting things there are to do there, like art and music!

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