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Stairlifts For Narrow Stairs

If you have been looking for a stairlift, you may have been worried about your staircase being too narrow. That is a legitimate issue, as many stairlifts can block the stairs because they take up too much space.

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Plus, staircases in many UK homes are often very narrow, so many seniors find themselves having this problem.

However, luckily, there are some stairlifts for narrow stairs, so you can still find a model for your staircase — even if it’s narrow.

The Problem With Many Stairlifts

The main problem with stairlifts is that usually, the user is in a seated position. When seated, the distance from back to the knee is extended, which means it will take up more space.

However, most staircases are just designed to be walked on, which means that many stairlifts won’t fit or take up too much space.

The Solution

Various types of stairlifts can work well for narrow staircases. Some of them include:

  • Stairlifts designed specifically narrow staircases
  • Bespoke stairlifts
  • Perch stairlifts (Similar to standing stairlifts, but offer additional support)

There isn’t necessarily the best solution, as it depends on your staircase and your preferences. If you know your staircase measurements or can give a rough estimate, we would be happy to help.

Best Stairlifts For Narrow Stairs

As stairlifts taking up too much space are pretty common, many manufacturers have started designing stairlifts that suit narrow staircases. Below, we have listed some of them so that you can get an idea of the options you have.

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Perch Stairlift

The Perch Stairlift is arguably the most unique as the user is in a standing position during use. It’s designed to give you additional support, despite the standing position. The main benefit of this is that you will not have to sit down and get up again, which many seniors find difficult.

As you are standing, which is what the stairs were designed for, the stairlift does not take up as much space.

HomeGlide Extra Stairlift

The HomeGlide Extra is a stairlift that the Thyssen Krupp Corporation manufactures. It is also designed to fit into narrow staircases. Plus, it also has some great benefits like being affixed to your stairs, not the wall.

Flow 2 Stairlift

Another stairlift that is designed to suit narrow staircases is the Flow 2 stairlift. It’s designed smartly and comes with some great features which make it comfortable and easy-to-use, such as the joystick that makes controlling it effortlessly.

Handicare 1100

Finally, we have the Handicare 1100, one of the most affordable models in the UK. Despite its affordability, it comes with many features to help you get up the stairs and easily.

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