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Stiltz Lifts UK

When you buy a Stiltz home lift, you may be wondering how much it will cost. However, you might also be wondering how it works, how much space is needed, and if you can install one in your house. To answer these questions, read on to find out more about Stiltz home lifts. Here’s a quick overview of the different aspects of a Stiltz lift.

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How Does A Stiltz Lift Work?

If you’re wondering how a Stiltz home lift works, you’ve come to the right place. This electric lift plugs directly into an ordinary 13-amp wall outlet and runs on its self-contained drive system. This design eliminates the need for external mechanisms, making it both energy-efficient and cost-effective to operate. Moreover, a Stiltz lift’s drive system is located at the top of the lift, making it a quiet and unobtrusive option.
Stiltz Lifts are available for residential projects. Their rail bearing and gantry style design allow them to fit virtually anywhere in an existing home.

There were two Stiltz home lift product lines: the Stiltz Alta and the Stiltz Classic. Each has different features and benefits, so you can choose the one that’s right for you. In addition to residential use, Stiltz home lifts are available for installation in stairwells, closets, and hallways. You can install Stiltz Lifts anywhere in your home, and they’re easily removable for easy storage or transportation. You can even move it from one floor to another by sealing it into an aperture opening. Your home will look as if it didn’t exist! When it comes time to sell, a Stiltz home lift can add value to your home and make it a great selling asset.

What Are The Different Types of Stiltz Home Lift Products?

Your home lift investment will depend heavily on the type of lift that you choose. Several models are available in the Stiltz range, and each brings its design and functionality benefits to the table. Find the ideal model for your needs by taking the time to choose. Many home lifts are available on the market, from single-person lifts to wheelchair-accessible lifts that travel through multiple floors. Decide on the features you want, as this will help you make a budget for your lift and will also ensure you spend your money on the right lift.

Duo Classic

Stiltz duo classics are no doubt the most popular option in the range. Elegantly designed to blend in with any home easily, it’s undoubtedly one of the prettiest home lifts on the market today. The compact design allows fast installation, decreasing project costs, leaving you more money to spend elsewhere in your home.

Duo Plus

The Duo+ Stiltz Homelift is one of the latest and greatest additions to the Stiltz domestic lift family. Easily customisable in terms of style and design, it’s rapidly becoming a solution for elderly homeowners. Its compact housing allows this lift to fit elegantly into many properties. Its overall design and styling give any room an added sense of character.

Trio Classic

The simple, adaptable and compact Stiltz Trio lift solution complements the family lifestyle. This lift is another example of Stiltz’s commitment to creating home lifts that maximise living areas. Offering room for two users or one standard-sized wheelchair, this lift is the perfect size for user-friendliness without taking up to much space within the property.

Trio Plus

The Stiltz trio plus is the latest option on the market. It offers a spacious and luxurious domestic lift solution designed to match the modern family home, making it one of the most popular lift solutions in the country. With this innovative wheelchair lift, modern homeowners can live comfortably. The updated design and new features make this a perfect solution for elderly homeowners or wheelchair users.

How Much Space Do Stiltz Domestic Lifts Take Up?

To begin with, you should determine if you have enough space in your home to accommodate the lift. Traditional house elevators require a large space for the elevator shaft and floor and ceiling supports. The Stiltz Elevator, however, does not require such support. You can place the Stiltz Elevator almost anywhere in your home, making it a popular choice. If your house is on a slope, it is best to have ample space. For example, the Stiltz HomeLift can be installed inside a closet if the staircase turn isn’t wide. However, if your home is high on the third floor or has vaulted ceilings, the Stiltz home lift may not fit in that space. Nevertheless, a Stiltz lift will allow you to return safely from the garage or home if you have enough space. It will help not only you but also your family members.

How Much Does A Stiltz Home Lift Cost?

The cost of a Stiltz Home Lift is not too expensive compared to other home elevator options. The cost varies according to the model and size of the lift. The cost also depends on installation but is likely less than other options. However, there are some factors that you should consider before making a final decision. Here is a breakdown of the main factors that affect the cost of a Stiltz Home Lift. Depending on your needs, there are many Stiltz Home Elevator models. They offer the highest level of quality, install in minutes, require no load-bearing walls, and travel silently while using minimal power at an entry-level price. When choosing a home elevator, the cost will depend on various factors, including customisation and the contractor’s rate.

A Stiltz Home Elevator is an elegant and practical solution for homes that are not accessible by stairs. The installation takes just a few days, with few modifications needed to the home. And because it uses only a small amount of power, it runs off a standard wall socket. And compared to other home elevator options, the Stiltz Home Lift is surprisingly affordable. The price is less than a regular elevator or custom stairlift.

It would be best to consider your home’s size and location, as some areas have higher costs than others. Adding an elevator during home construction may lower the overall cost. If you need the lift to be wheelchair accessible, you should consider additional costs. Home elevators can be a luxury item, but many homeowners are willing to pay a premium for the added convenience.

While home elevators are expensive, subsidies are available to lower the cost. Contact an accountant for more information. Home elevators can also add value to your home, so you may be able to recoup at least 50% of your investment during resale. The elevator’s location can protect your home’s furnishings and other important features.

Why Choose Stiltz Domestic Lifts? What Are Some Of Its Features And Benefits?

The Stiltz Home Lift can be installed almost anywhere in the home thanks to its compact footprint, drive mechanism and dual rail technology. It means Stiltz domestic lifts have an unrivalled ability to fit into spaces other home lifts cannot with minimal building work and disruption.

Small Footprint

It covers less than a square metre. You can also mount it on the wall with its sleek design.

Whisper Quiet Unlike Other UK Domestic Lifts

It does not use noisy hydraulics or vacuum systems, making them quieter than many stairlifts.

Fast Installation

Modular design lift that can fit under most doorways and ceilings and be pieced together fast, with a typical install taking only minimal from your time.

Low Power Consumption

All lifts are plugged straight into a normal 13amp power socket, making them very green and economical.

Unique Guide System

The home lift travels on self-supporting stilts thanks to parallel and vertical guides, which eliminate the need for load-bearing walls.

Self-Contained Drive System

A neatly positioned, hidden-from-view electric motor at the domestic lift is responsible for powering the lift.

Uninterrupted Power Supply

It can be installed at an extra cost but will allow numerous trips up and down while the main power to the lift is out.

Fire Seal

Stiltz Lift has undergone extensive fire seal testing, fully complied with BS5900:2012 Powered HomeLifts, and has full BS EN 81-41 accreditation.

Automatic Door

It has an automatic door as an optional extra to make entry and exit more straightforward for wheelchair customers with limited mobility.

Wide Entry

Access points for wheelchair users are particularly useful when manoeuvring their chairs in confined spaces.

Level Access

For safety and comfort, it comes with a gently-angled ramp to enable more convenient entry for wheelchair users and those unable to manage steps.

Tailored To You

It is possible to customise your Stiltz home lift by choosing different carpets, rails, and colours. Stilz also offers a range of different seats and handrails.

Flexible Lift Car

Its quiet operation and flexible positioning allow it to be placed almost anywhere in your home. Multiple body options include:
Standard: This is the most popular configuration. The home lift will travel between a downstairs room such as a living room, with the domestic lift arriving upstairs, typically in the main bedroom.

Stairwell Void/Landing: Where there is enough room in the turn of a staircase, this positioning option uses the dead space in the void, making the Stiltz Home Lift even more discreet.

Cupboard to Cupboard: Thanks to the compact nature of the Stiltz Home Lift, you can choose to have your domestic lift completely hidden by installing it inside an airing cupboard or wardrobe.

Sloping/vaulted ceilings: Vertical rails need to fix to a horizontal surface. But do not worry if you have a vaulted ceiling. Stiltz building teams can provide subtle solutions to overcome pitched roof installations.

Garage: If you are looking to get from your garage safely into your home, then you can construct a shaft around the Stiltz Home Lift.

Thru-Car: Unique to Stiltz domestic lifts is the Thru-Car concept. Enter and exit opposite sides of the lift car – ideal for a full-sized wheelchair or domestic lift built into a stairwell void.


The Stiltz Home Lift is the first product to enter the UK market. It is attractive and spacious and can accommodate up to three people depending on the type of home. Moreover, it offers a wide variety of body configurations. Lastly, its dual-rail design allows installation on low- or high-ceiling, even vaulted ones.

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