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Why Use a Drop Nose Rail For a Stairlift?

When choosing a stairlift for your home, you have several options. You can choose a drop nose rail or a curved rail depending on the shape of your staircase. A drop nose rail has a curved carriage, which is custom designed to fit your staircase. It takes up minimal space, doesn’t interfere with your home decor, and provides smooth and safe ride.

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Drop nose rails

One of the unique features of stairlifts is their ability to accommodate a drop nose. This design is advantageous in that it can be installed in a home where space is limited. It also offers a vertical start option, which can save hundreds of pounds.

Flow 2

The Flow 2 drop nose rail for stair lifts is available in a range of fabrics and colours. It has a unique drop nose design that makes it ideal for staircases with narrow and awkward spaces. It is easily fitted to either side of a staircase.

Platinum Curve

The Platinum Curve drop nose rail for stair lifts provides safety, comfort, and a smooth ride for a person using a stairlift. It is hand built in the UK and is fully adjustable for staircases of different shapes and sizes. Its unique shape also allows it to fit into a home without compromising the decor.

Tubular rail stairlifts

There are a number of benefits to using a tubular rail stairlift. For example, it is easy to park without blocking access to the stairs and is highly customisable.

Active seat

Active seat stairlifts provide extra support to the user while sitting or standing, so they can get on and off the stairlift more easily. Some of them also have a Turn and Go feature, which turns the seat to face the stairs and lifts the user’s knees away from the bannister or wall. This feature is useful for people with limited knee flexion and difficulty standing. The system works like a powered hinge or a slide track, and the user can activate it with a remote control or toggle.

Powered swivel seat

A powered swivel seat is an optional feature that can allow a stairlift to accommodate a narrow staircase. It allows the seat to swivel automatically during descent and ascent. This option can make the stairlift easier to navigate if the stairs are narrow and you don’t want to use a handrail.

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