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What to do with a stairlift you do not need anymore?

If you are changing your home address to a new property without a staircase or you stopped having a need for a stairlift anymore, you may wonder what can you do with your stairlift unit. There are companies that can help you with removing it and buying it from you. There is also a possibility to offer stairlift for sale as a private seller, and you may find people looking for the model you own. They only thing you should definitely avoid is trying to remove it by yourself as you can not only damage the medical device but also your property, and make it almost impossible to sell it at a good price. Moreover, you will hear that second-hand stairlifts have little value as they are built for a specific staircase and it is not likely they will fit in the new home. Still, neither of this should discourage you in searching for the best options when considering placing a stairlift for sale.

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Offering stairlift for sale

If you no longer require the stairlift, you can sell it in order to retrieve some of the initial investment. Instating a stairlift is an expensive business so it is understandable you want to get some money back. The good news is that there are lots of potential buyers who will look into your ad because they are not in the financial position to afford a brand new stairlift and want to save money. The first thing to consider when putting an ad stairlift for sale is the condition of the stairlift. If the medical device is damaged, well worn, and some parts are torn and cannot be replaced, you will probably either not get a good price or will not be able to sell the model at all.

When selling a used stairlift, the good practice is to reduce the price between 10 and 20% for each year you owned it. However, you can expect far less price is the device condition is far from good. The value will also depend on whether you are offer straights or curved stairlift for sale. Curved stairlifts for sale are less marketable as it is dubious they will fit any other staircase. Be sure your offered stairlift for sale is:

  • In a good condition and well-preserved
  • Your ad clear, informative honest, with photos of the device included into
  • Included documentation about how to use it, technical documentation, and similar if possible

Some companies in the UK offer to remove and recycle old stairlifts so you have the option of contacting some of them if you come to the point of removing the stairlift from your home. Some will remove it for free but offer you a small price for it, and some will charge the removal. It all depends on the condition of the offered device and the model. Most companies will be glad to redeem Stannah, Brooks, or Acorn models that are up to 5 years old.

If you do not know what to do with your stairlift for sale, contact uk mobility and we will be more than happy to assist you with your problem.


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